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Frequently Asked Quesions

The tenant takes over the utilities on moving into the property, this would include Water, Gas, Electricity, Council Tax, Telephone and TV licence.

Most tenancy agreements are for a twelve month period. However some landlords may consider shorter terms of say six months, with some Landlords considering a break clause (two months notice after four months) with a years agreement.

Yes. Your privacy is respected. If you rent through an agent it is not usual that either the landlord or letting agent will try to gain access to the property outside pre agreed times. For example, the agent will want to inspect the property at least twice during the tenancy. They should give you reasonable notice of this. This area is normally covered in the tenancy agreement signed by you and the Landlord.

The landlord should fix any appliances that need repairing and fulfil their maintenance obligations. However tenants are responsible for breakages. A tenant should report repairs as soon as they become aware.

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement is used for a six to twelve month rental. This is normally a standard contract between landlord and tenant.